April in Belgrade 2019

Let's keep April Fools' Day jokes on the city programme for the whole month. Everything is much nicer and easier with a lot of laughter

Monday 1st of April 2019

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You will be able to enjoy the Victor monument just for a while because it will soon be removed and completely renovated. The capital will be without its landmark for several months. After the completion of works, it will be more beautiful and even more important, safer as it has leaned a good thirty centimeters. Do not waste your time. April days are like made for observing the awakening of the early spring from this iconic Belgrade point.

The greatest event in April is Easter. This year, one of the biggest religious holidays is celebrated on 28th April. Traditional egg painting, according to customs, is two days earlier. Working on new techniques, organization of table and preparation of gifts will gather entire families because non-working days due to Easter are from 26th to 29th April.

There is no place for average events. Whether you still prefer to stay indoors or you are among those who go outdoors with the first sunshine, you will not be bored. The Belgrade marathon, world, yet domestic sports brand number one, is scheduled for 14th April. Be sure to come even if you are not a proficient runner. The humanitarian Race of goodness will not look at the condition but at the heart. There are numerous tourist tours, walks and sightseeing tours on the repertoire. There is no excuse for staying at home.

From day to day, April in Belgrade will pass marked by good music. So it will be until the last day, 30th April, when the International Jazz Day will be celebrated in the Youth Center. Official "Unesco" holiday in the capital takes a special place and great attention. At the same time, it is an overture for the Belgrade Jazz Festival. All in all, the musical celebration will be amazing at the performance of duo called Azure, which consists of two big stars - Ulrich Drechsler and Peter Zirbs. The pride of the Serbian jazz, Dejan Ilijic will be on the stage as well.

Resist to attractive offers for short spring trips across Europe. You will miss the famous city vibe in April. Let Rome, Vienna or Paris wait. No other city has such a good spring atmosphere as the capital of Serbia.