The best city events ever

The last weekend in May will be unforgettable. Take our word for it

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

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In order to make the weekend in Belgrade unforgettable, it is necessary to organize a food festival somewhere. A gastronomic event that will enthrall all the senses is called "Days of Macedonian Tradition" and is held in the famous restaurant Kovac. By Sunday, 26th May, you have a unique opportunity to taste the tastes of Macedonia, drink great wines and listen to traditional Macedonian music. Live.

Nafora, furnarini, leb so luk, appetizer a la Macedonia, makalo, restovan makedonski krompir (Macedonian potato), muskul corba (soup), peceni ljuti piperki (roasted hot peppers), little influence of Greece in the form of tarator salad, ovcarska salad, sukana pita so urda i spanak, pastrmajlija, legendary tavce gravce, selsko meso, turli tava, proletna kapama, telesko meso na lazaropolski nacin, sasik, and kadaif are only a part of representative menu that is offered only until 26th May. Experience the spectacle that only quality food, selected drinks and great music can create. The whole scenario, spiced with impeccable hospitality, is shortly called Kovac. Do not waste your time, book a place immediately.

The moment for the jubilee 10th edition of the Mikser Festival has come. Under the slogan "Circulate" from 24th to 26th May, the audience will be able to walk through an exceptional programme - Shift Conference, Innovation Expo, Design Hub, Art Zone, Mikser Music, Food 2.0, Mikser Kids, Edu Zone and Kino Mikser. The merging of local, regional and foreign creators, artistic representatives, IT sector and expert exhibition focused on sustainable development are the core of the Mikser 2019 festival. The largest part of this year's gathering will be realized at the Museum of Science and Technology. Designers, artists, scientists, innovators, hard-working students, certified academic citizens, go straight to "update of brain" and great fun.

As customs say, sweet is always served at the end. That is why now it is the right time to get information about very sweet news. In the Youth Center, on 25th and 26th May, "Sweet Life - Festival of Sweets and Treats" is held. Treats that will be presented were created in small workshops. Exclusively hand work. Nothing industry. Chocolates, marmalades, jams, creams, pralines, bajaderas, small and big cookies, varied cakes, honey and ice cream. All natural, without too much sugar, and again endlessly delicious. Definitely, an incredible weekend in Belgrade is coming, isn't it?