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The following days are so interesting that nobody will pay attention to the (bad) weather

Thursday 9th of May 2019

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There was definitely not enough feasts for Easter and the International Workers' Day. The continuation of socializing around tables full of food, entertaining stories and excellent music is scheduled in Tasmajdan Park. Until Sunday, 12th May, "Staropramen Street Food Festival" will be held at this location.

A debut manifestation dedicated to fast food, directed by 15 Belgrade caterers, will present the favourite "fast" specialties in a healthy way. Music is an obligatory spice with which every meal is perfect and therefore, during the presentation of the world tastes under the open sky, the rhythm will be dictated by excellent local DJs. A combination that is difficult to resist.

The 14th Belgrade International Architecture Week - Bina is organized from 9th to 30th May this year. Exhibitions, workshops, Bina walk, Bina excursion, lectures and panel discussions dedicated to current and classical architectural trends will take place in numerous places, and mostly in the premises of the Cultural Center of Belgrade. What is forever, what is trendy, where architecture is heading for and other dilemmas will be solved on-the-spot through the "Positive/Active" programme of Bina 2019.

In Belgrade, even Monday is not a boring day. Finally, a great event - Museums for 10 is coming to the repertoire. It starts on 13th May and until 18th May, in Belgrade museums, International Museum Day, European Museum Night and National Museum Week will be marked under the slogan "Museums as the center of culture - the Future of Tradition". In addition to the permanent exhibitions, a special programme is prepared for this artistic spectacle.

The National Museum, the Historical Museum of Serbia, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of Theatrical Arts, the Museum of Ivo Andric, National Bank of Serbia, the Car Museum, the Gallery of House the Serbian Army, the PTT Museum, the Museum of Vuk and Dositej, the Museum of Paja Jovanovic, the Museum of Anatomy, Sales Gallery "Belgrade" and SANU (SASA) Gallery are institutions where important days for Serbian and world art will be celebrated. See you in museums!