Opening of the Ada Ciganlija 2019 season

Excellent domestic rock, free parking and a lot of fun at the beginning of the new bathing season

Saturday 8th of June 2019

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Ada Ciganlija is ceremoniously opening the season on Friday 14th June. Exactly at 20:00, the musical programme starts and free concerts of bands YU Grupa and Galija will mark in amazing rhythm that the Belgrade sea is ready for summer 2019. Well-known songs will be played loudly in this part of the city until 01:00.

The official bathing season 2019 starts on Saturday 15th June at 10:00. Traditionally "Blue Flag" raising will mark the new year of safe swimming to the highest standards. Until 8th September, from 10:00 to 19:00, the Sava Lake will be available for the residents of Belgrade and the city's guests who wish to refresh and enjoy their favourite place. Be carefree, because every day during the mentioned period, rescue services as well as ambulance services will be at Ada.

Water, beach, nature, dozens of sports and recreation facilities, popular bars and restaurants at Ada Ciganlija, decorated area for riding bicycles, roller blades, electric scooters, legendary geyser, busy public spaces and hidden parts of the popular oasis - every part is ready for the new summer in Belgrade. Pack swimwear, caps, hats, sun cream and good mood. It is easy to get to Ada. It takes only the weather to be on the side of Belgrade's adventure and fun along the biggest lake in the city will be better than ever. See you at Ada!