10 reasons why Ada is better than sea

There are lots of seas in the map of the world. And only one Ada Ciganlija

Sunday 28th of July 2019

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1. It is always easier and faster to get to Ada than to the sea.

2. Working days at Ada are priceless. Fewer crowds are equally more enjoyable.

3. If you are single, be sure to come at the weekend. Tens of thousands of people are looking for shade and refreshment from high temperatures right here. Maybe you find something more important than shade - a soulmate.

4. At sea, you have the sea. And the sun. That is it. At Ada, it is never boring. What to do at Ada is not a question to be asked because the answers are numerous, and the content is adapted to all generations. All individual and group sports. Whether you are an adrenaline addict or a fan of yoga. You can do everything at Ada.

5. During the day and night, there is always an entertainment programme. Open air concerts, cultural festivals, health seminars, children's programmes and much more are regularly on the repertoire.

Belgrade Sea, officially Ada Ciganlija. Definitely, the most visited part of the city during the summer. Every summer. It does not matter if you have already unpacked the bags or just packed them. There is never enough of summer vibes. Bathing and sunbathing especially. Therefore, it is time for Ada! Go immediately to a relaxing seaside session. In Belgrade.

6. The restaurants and bars at Ada Ciganlija are the perfect places during the summer. They bring the spirit of exotics and improve the mood in the city rhythm. The extra advantage is that they are certainly cheaper than catering facilities at the seaside.

7. Blue flag guarantees safety in water. Complete staff of rescue, emergency and security services takes care of every visitor.

8. Occasional parties are available at Ada. And they are top-notch. If you have never waited for the morning right next to the lake, follow the party calendar and be sure to visit the first one on the programme. You will be delighted.

9. Ada Safari is paradise. Natural beauty has resisted modernization and has no intention of changing the style. The mini zoo, fishing zone and much more have not stopped impressing for decades.

10. The magic of Ada Ciganlija lies in the fact that here you can do everything and you do not have to do anything. Come and see for yourself. If you realize that it is not your day for Ada, you can go back home without much trouble. Returning from the sea is not so simple.