The summer in Belgrade

Prepare both sunglasses and umbrella. The weather will be both tropical and like autumn. That is Belgrade. It wants it all, but it also gives more than any other city

Friday 21st of June 2019

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The summer 2019 begins on 21st June. On the same day, International Day of Yoga is also celebrated. The identical date is recorded in the calendar as World Music Day. Three different holidays. Each of them important. Great events are organized for each of them. No matter what type you are, take advantage of the city celebration programme.

The typical summer mode looks like this: a quick morning coffee on the river and then a long-lasting lying. Outdoor swimming pools in Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija or some quay. It does not matter where, it is important who you share the summer magic with. Evenings are not planned in advance, but the scenario is spontaneous. In case you have not yet pressed the off key for all the hard work, now is the time to do it. You will be delighted. Here is why.

Until the most visited festival in Belgrade - Beer Fest, fans of music and beer gather in the area called Beer Garden at Ada Ciganlija. Great gigs, lots of beer and even more good-humoured people bring great energy. While powerful rock grooves, you do not feel plus forty degrees in the shade with ice cold beer in your hand.

The summer is Exit. The summer is also Guca. It is important that music does not stop. It is the one that will mark the summer in Serbia and the whole city. Outdoor music festivals and legendary bands from the world scene will entertain the audience in turns. There is the Youth center and Blues on Mondays so that there is not even a single day without a good rhythm. Refreshing and breezy, just like the whole period. Pleasure for ears and joy for everyone who comes are guaranteed. If you prefer to escape from the city, the Bojcin Cultural Summer 2019 will not let you down. Far enough to make you relax, close enough to the daily route.

Make sure you spend long hot days getting to know the capital of Serbia even better. Tourist tours are now numerous and include everyone's interests. From cruising the rivers to going to Avala, everything is in the game. Do not wait guests from abroad to fall in love with Belgrade all over again.

Important information! Museums work even during the summer. Most will show special exhibitions and more affordable prices of already affordable tickets. Art has never been expensive, and now it is even more affordable. No one will teleport you in front of Belgrade's museums. You will have to make an effort between two ice creams and walk to the famous buildings. Each step will be worth it. Take our word.