Local, yet worldly - Coeus

A DJ and producer with official residence in Belgrade mesmerized the planet with his techno sound

Sunday 21st of July 2019

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He left behind him performances at small clubs long ago. He has almost no time for the hometown of Smederevo. When in Belgrade, he uses the opportunity to take a short break and socialize with the closest ones. He builds his career gradually, step by step. His name is mandatory on the list of performers of all major and important music festivals in the country and region.

Nemanja Petkovic is a DJ and producer who is behind the name Coeus. Affinity for music began in early childhood while playing piano and attending music school. That is why his stamp is deep melody. That is why his techno and deep house sound quite different. Impeccably quality. Unique. Perfect. He is not the guy who is interested in one genre. Everything with his signature is trying to awaken listeners. To sound both emotional and progressive.

Farafi, Elysian and Forgotten Love are just some of the songs that opened the door to him. Not any, but the one that lead to dream come true. Coeus is one of the rare electro artists from across the Balkans that is releasing for the famous label "Afterlife". It is certain that this will be the case during the summer season and the future. It is not a small thing when Tale of Us, Adriatique or Trikk put his work into their sets. The latest of his released songs for this label, Eden and Realm of Consciousness IV, will be listened across the world for sure.

Coeus prepares for his performance long and carefully. Every beat that will cause positive reactions counts. Afro, disco, pure electronic sound, UK house, even a bit of jazz - he fits everything to perfection. Because of his wide musical spectrum, he is often the choice for warming up before stars such as Black Coffee, Sasha, Theo Kottis and many others.

From the first love, production, the way to a good DJ was inevitable. He only believes in feeling and energy. He is sincere and he is moved by the goal of doing something different. There is no copy/paste action. No wonder every dance floor is his.