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New weekend brings super fun in the entire city

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

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If you have a question about how to spend a totally original weekend in Belgrade, there are as many as three answers. In order not to waste time choosing, find time for each of the Belgrade adventure options. You will have an amazing time.

Alone or with the whole family, "The Quest for the Secret of the Lost Sarcophagus" at Kalemegdan is a top event for Thursday. Through an interestingly created programme you will solve brain teasers, puzzles, mysteries. With each solution you unlock the next level of the game. Hurry up with daily appointments as constructive socializing begins at exactly 18:00.

In the capital people often dance. Necessarily at the weekends. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days when the "Igranka kod Vuka" is organized. Various kinds of music will be listened to in front of the "Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic" Cultural Institution. Each moves hips and raises your spirits. Dancers with less experience in dancing under the stars will be assisted by professional dancers and choreographers. For the youngest, there are animators, magicians and other entertainment representatives. No one will be bored. Except for those who do not come.

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is the venue of the magnificent event "Srpska slava" (Serbian St. Patron's Day). On Sunday, from 14:00, the costumed actor will introduce you to the realm of Serbian tradition and customs. How St. Patron's Day is truly celebrated, what are its features and what represents an important ceremony for believers are just one part of a great cultural and artistic gathering. Upon entering the Residence, you will be welcomed as if you really came to St. Patron's Feast. You will feel the same throughout your entire visit. Forget about classic lectures. Here you will be seated at a celebratory table and served with zito (wheat), coffee and cakes. Just like at St. Patron's Feast. Enjoy!