Saint Sava's Day

Let us sing with love to Saint Sava!

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

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Rastko Nemanjic by birth, Saint Sava after becoming a monk. During his life, his great deeds contributed immeasurably to lives of Serbs and he left a lasting legacy. This year, on the 27th of January, a liturgy will be held in the Temple of Saint Sava. Just like every previous year but with a big but. Finally, the Temple is finished and therefore, the spectacular liturgy will be more solemn than ever before.

The Holy Hiearchal Liturgy begins at 09:00. Pupils and students are invited because this is their school's St. Patron's day, but also all believers to attend the magnificent prayer.

Another important event will be held on the same day. Belgrade and Serbia are officially getting a monument, probably the most important that has been missing for hundreds of years.

The ceremonial unveiling of the monument to Stefan Nemanja on the Sava Square is a ceremony that will mark the 27th of January 2021. The magnificent authentic masterpiece is 23.5 meters high and weighs about 80 tons. The author of the pride of Serbia is the sculptor from Russia, Alexander Rukavishnikov. A new open-air museum of the city. A new symbol of Belgrade. The present has finally shown respect to the creators of Serbia.