Druga La Piazza



When you want Italy under your palate and Belgrade under your feet, the Druga La Piazza is the only location that instantly makes wishes come true. Since April 2014, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, forever. This restaurant in Beton Hall is absolutely immune to time and seasonal trends. Because everything is temporarily, only uncompromising quality is eternal. And always desirable.

From casual morning through a busy day to romantic nights by the river, perfection is certain. An address with probably the most different bruschettes in town and definitely original Italian ingredients does not cease to fascinate. In Azzurri style, every part of the menu, atmosphere and interior is perfectly designed. To the smallest detail.

The handmade wood stove is in charge of juicy, yet crunchy pizza. Pasta is, as expected, perfect. Really hungry guests will pamper their appetite with premium meat. Rump steak, beefsteak, pork ribs, chicken fillet, homemade sausage are meaty overture to the specialties guaranteed by the Palmanova catering masters. You have to try them.

An Italian story without excellent wine is unimaginable. More than thirty labels are ready at any time to improve the mood and enhance the experience that only the Druga Piazza can provide.

Impressive 90 seats are almost always taken as this restaurant is the only one outside the Friuli region that has the "Eat Friuli" plaque, and is geographically distant from the region. The difference is only in kilometers. Everything else is authentic, which is confirmed by another recognition, "Ospita Italiana", awarded by the Italian Ministry of Tourism.