Talas Dunava



Which food fits best with a fascinating view of the Danube? Fish, of course. Never frozen. Nor the one of suspicious origin. Always fresh freshwater fish, prepared by superb culinary masters, nurtures both body and soul. Equal attention is paid every day to preparation of veal under the bell, but also to the unbeatable Serbian barbecue. So, this is a restaurant where the guests are not classified according to the gastro affinities. Everyone is welcome. And domestic wine and the good old Danube are there to make every encounter unforgettable.

When you make yourself comfortable, order drinks and food, before continuing with the usual story, stop. Close your eyes and use other senses to soak up the beauty of this restaurant and its surroundings. The feeling is incredible. Yes, the main reasons for a smile on your face are excellent specialties and impeccable service. No less important is the perfect combination of home atmosphere, furniture made of natural materials and interesting details. The essence is in the whole philosophy that creates an unforgettable experience.

Due to the view, due to its cordiality, due to local flavours and aromas, the restaurant Talas Dunava has become a favourite place from morning to night in a short period of time. For every day and a relaxed weekend. Especially when you want to organize a celebration. Only for you and your guests, everything that will make you have the best time ever is at your disposal.