Zapata Rio


OPENS AT 09:00

A taste of exotic destination on the palate while the Danube is charming you. This sounds like a sentence from an interesting book but - a mistake. The everyday reality in Belgrade, if viewed from this restaurant, is incredibly attractive. The exceptionally high-quality offer of Mexican specialties in a great and infinitely pleasant ambiance invites you to dance that both body and soul enjoy.

The Mexican restaurant combines different types of meat and fish with a lot of vegetables. So delicious that the conscience can bite only if you say no to spectacular portions. Meat and fish in this place, in a completely different, unusual edition, conquer the appetite faster than light. There is not a single thing on the menu that is not recommended but there is good advice: come with a lot of friends to experience the perfect feast together.

The interior is exactly as it should be, simple, comfortable, relaxed. There is no pressure nor fake atmosphere. You will not miss magical Mexico from these comfortable chairs. You cannot miss it because everything that adorns its cuisine lives on the river in Belgrade.