Cathedral Church



Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel is one of the more impressive buildings in Belgrade. The construction of the temple began in 1837, and with its decoration it was completed in 1845. On the Saint Patron`s Day of the church, St. Archangel Michael, on November 21, 1845, the church was ceremonially sanctified. Monumental in its shape and constructive construction belongs to the category of the largest church buildings built in the Principality of Serbia. It has a form of elongated rectangular base with masonry and a high bell tower on the western part, a spacious naos (cella) and a semicircular altar apse on the eastern side. The church is 45 meters long and 19.6 meters wide.

According to the preserved manuscript, the church's treasury existed in the 17th century, and was especially rich in the 18th century. Great war destructions, robberies and fires made the treasury almost empty at the beginning of the 19th century. With the construction and refreshment of the new church, the treasury was again enriched with gifts of rulers, bishops and other personalities. Together with the preserved objects from the earlier period, all together make it a unique whole, of immense importance for the study of spiritual, cultural and artistic circumstances in which the Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel played an important role.

"The Lord said: 'I will build my church and the gate of hell will not overcome it.' The picture of that Invisible Church, which is mentioned in the Symbol of Faith: 'I believe in one Holy, Ortodox, and Apostolic Church,' are our temples. Building them, we testify our faith in the Orthodox Church, our faith in Orthodox learning. The temples are filled with the blessing of the Holy Spirit which invisibly affects those who are praying in them." St. John of Shanghai