September in Belgrade 2017

We reveal the most significant events, what to see and where to be in Belgrade during September

Sunday 3rd of September 2017

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September has come and it marks the last sunny days, return to normal duties, return to school. This is the period of the year when the ajvar (a pepper-based condiment) is being prepared and when plans for a new season are being made. After the summer break, Belgrade's accelerated rhythm returns to its regime and everything that "stopped" because of summer activities continues its course. The streets are crowded with sunny, smiling people who are still in the summer mood. The beginning of the end of the summer brings many interesting events that will pass the time in the best possible way.

Weather conditions are perfect for exploring the beauty of Belgrade. The main city attractions that must be visited by guests during their stay are the Kalemegdan Fortress, the Zoo (Garden of Good Hope), the Temple of St. Sava, the White Palace, the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Red Star Stadium (Rajko Mitic Stadium). If you are host to a foreigner, take him to these locations, and he will fall in love forever in Belgrade. Never forget Skadarlija because the true bohemian atmosphere that excellent restaurants cherish, and the architecture itself of this quarter creates an unforgettable experience and in an unusual way.

The biggest music event to mark the autumn of 2017 is the Sting concert in the Arena. The long-awaited spectacle is slowly coming and it is certain that this will be a memorable event. In addition to Sting, the most important DJs of the 21st century come to Belgrade. Solomun, a representative of the world's best clubbing, will perform at the Apgrade Festival on 7th September, while Guy J. & Jeremy Olander will play the best quality sets at the club Drugstore on 23rd September. The perfect musical rhythm will complete the opening of the new club season when many city clubs will open their doors after summer break. According to the announced events, we will never have a better music treat with the autumn/winter season 2017. The boat-based clubs are slowly closing during this period and they are leaving to prepare for the next season. This summer was perfect because the parties along the rivers where numerous DJs were performing were really amazing.

Theaters in Belgrade are ready to welcome the new season, and many galleries and museums expect the Belgraders to return and attend the new repertoire. The 51st Bitef Festival has presented a rich and quality programme that will surely mark the cultural and artistic events during the current month. If you are a passionate fan of plays, be sure to visit one of the alternative theaters in Belgrade because they have fantastic performances and great interactive content with the audience. In the authentic interior, Residence of Princess Ljubica, a popular museum building in Belgrade, organizes the playing of a fantastic and highly visited mono-drama "At the cafe at Princess Ljubica's" which has won numerous audiences so far. The main theme of the mono-drama is the marital relationship between the Princess and Prince Milos, his infidelity, the facts about the most important events from the period in which they lived and details from private life. The memorial museum in which Jovan Cvijic, a prominent Serbian scientist and geographer, lived and created was renovated this year and adapted to modern trends. Make sure to visit the house of the great man who did a lot for the Serbian people.

The new shopping mall Rajiceva opens on 14th September. The most visited pedestrian zone, Knez Mihailova Street, gets a new shopping center that occupies more than 15.000 square meters. Famous brands already in the market, new brands that will be presented to consumers for the first time, renowned restaurants, a large supermarket and much more are waiting for customers in the modern mall. It is planned to build a luxury hotel that will be connected to a shopping center as well as an underground garage. The modern design and modern concept of the Rajiceva shopping mall will surely be the new zone of the best shopping in the city center.