Zenker Brothers at the Barutana club

Another Blender's event with popular DJs who turn the Saturday night in Belgrade into unforgettable time with excellent electronic music

Saturday 16th of September 2017

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The breakdance brothers from Munich, Zenker Brothers, will perform at the club Barutana tonight, on 16th September from 23:00. When Blender is in charge of organizing the party, it is clear that this will be another musical event that will be talked about for a long time. Authentic sound and time to remember will be completed by the performance of Milos Pavlovic who signs himself as Regen. Tickets are available via Eventim and Gigstix sales networks at the price of 690 dinars.

Marco and Dario Zenker are DJs, producers and founders of the Ilian Tape label. Dario Zenker is a guy who was musically influenced the most by Wu Tang, Gangstarr and Michael Jackson. He showed great interest in music already at the age of 12 when he began to examine the techno universe, and at the age of 15 he began to mix on gramophone mixers. Passion and desire for discovery of music took him to the goa trance parties, and when he came into possession of the first techno recording at the age of 16, a real musical adventure began. At the age of 18, as he had then, he completely won the audience at the Ultraschall Festival. Regardless of whether he is playing a live set or mixing it in an authentic way, he does not take away the smile from the face and follows the reactions of the audience that is his biggest inspiration. He released the first track in 2006, and since then, he has been releasing copyright and quality remixes for labels Vakant, Frozen Border and Time to Express, and since 2007, for the label Ilian Tape that he created with his brother Marco in 2007. He actively trains kung fu, and gourmet cooking is a special love for him.

Marco Zenker has been making music from the age of 17, inspired by Roots Reggae, dub and underground hip-hop melodies. During 2008, he entered the world of clubbing featuring across Germany, but made a significant success with his brother Dario when they began to conquer the world with the joint forces. He emphasizes that we should always expect him to be unexpectedly, with a great deal of quality that guarantees top-class performance.