Belgrade at night: tips for the best fun

The favourite club has invited the eagerly anticipated DJ - a dream-like script, and with good mood, preparation is necessary for great fun

Friday 3rd of November 2017

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Step One - buy ticket on time

When high-quality DJs are visiting, the crowd is implied. The popular names of the performers gather many clubbers and if you do not want to follow the show via live stream make sure you buy the ticket as soon as possible and get down to listening the latest mixes and making plans for a great night.

Step Two - clothes for a night out

Clubs are not a catwalk and it is totally unnecessary to dress modern, yet uncomfortable. Keep in mind that you will be dancing all night and for yourself and a number of people around you, avoid artificial materials (synthetics in the first place), too high heels, narrow sweaters and the rest.

Step Three - going out before going out

It is known that people go to the club in Belgrade at midnight. To get ready to arrive at a marked location, heating up in a bar is required. The places for a splendid pre-party tour are in abundance and the dilemma is just which bar to choose. For easier organization, choose the one closest to the club you are going to.

Step Four - party all night long

OK, so you got to the club. Forget about current world problems, line for bar counter and other. This is your night and do not let little things like "Where should I put my purse? Is my makeup OK?" to spoil your fun. Take the best place to dance (not for taking photos) and instead of making selfies all the time, listen to music and enjoy.

Step Five - after party

It is never enough of great fun. The last zone for dancing and laughing are clubs that start working from 04:00 and often work until noon. Follow this step only if you do not have any obligations the next day and you have a company that will accompany you in clubbing until sunrise. Ask what kind of music the selected club will play in order to keep the party in the same rhythm because you will not be thrilled with strong trance after great techno, guaranteed.

Step Six - coming home

Taxi is always the best choice, and if you came by car and drank a little more, do not risk your own and someone else's life. Numerous associations better known as a safe driver come for you and take you home driving your car. There is no risk of violating traffic laws or doing any harm so it is a great option.