Santa Claus is coming to town

The New Year in Belgrade is a cause for special parties, a famous fair and a great excuse not to do anything. What will you choose?

Saturday 25th of November 2017

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New Year's lighting is shining in Belgrade and festive euphoria is already in the air. The question of all questions is "Where will you go for the New Year's Eve?" and the answers are completely different. Some are looking forward to everything that this period carries along with it, while others turn their head away and do not want to take part in sending off the old year and waiting for another one.

Happy New Year. The first association to the craziest fun are parties. Thousands of tourists will enter 2018 in the capital of entertainment in Europe. Clubs slowly reveal lists of performers for 31st December and it will be really hard to decide where to go out to in Belgrade. DJs and producers Zadig, Carlos Souffront and Anastasia Kristensen will wish all the best to the guests of the Drugstore club with excellent music. Hangar has prepared New Year's spectacle called Diynamic Showcase NYE, which will be marked by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Magdalen and Lehar. Judging by the New Year's Eve entertainment, we will have the best clubbing ever all year long.

The Belgrade New Year's Festival is held from 16th to 30th December. The popular fair is held for the 57th time and will traditionally be a place of great New Year's party for all generations. The fair, shopping at discounted prices, concerts, performances and ice-skating are the content that will raise the mood and beautify the end of the year. The Festival of Fun is part of the "Belgrade Winter" event organized by the City of Belgrade, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, the Belgrade Fair, the Children's Cultural Center and the Belgrade Festival Center (CEBEF).

You do not care about New Year? It's quite legitimate. Use your holiday euphoria for yourself and the "cleaning up" of the current year. If you have not met your expectations for 2017, you still have a little time to make up for everything missed. Look back at your surroundings and invite over friends and family whose time has been taken by compulsory activities. Feng Shui loudly warns that for the prosperity in life it is necessary to arrange a living space. When you are not reading a number of reviews of travel or holiday events, you can arrange an apartment. Give away wardrobe you do not wear, get rid of the memories and welcome the 2018 completely relaxed.