November club programme

Eleven parties for the best eleventh month

Monday 5th of November 2018

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In October, people visited the opening events. Now cards are on the table, everything is known. What is opened - it is opened. Parties, festivals and much more has already begun. Girls, forget about make up, high heels and other "little things". Guys, do not go out in sweaters. More than ever before, you will be in clubs. A great electronic music will be broadcast throughout the month, and this is the 11 parties in November 2018, which you must not miss.

1. Warming up for the weekend is at the club Ben Akiba on Thursday 8th November at 22:00. Kristina Lalic, Nikola Vemic, Manton, Goran Emkic, Goya, Groovytech, Roxa and Kali play music at the "Bom Som Special" party.

2. Boat-based club 20/44 is the address where there is always authentic clubbing. Friday 9th November will be particularly good at this address. Kristijan Molnar, one of the best local DJs, is performing alone all night.

3. Hangar club has a great party on 9th November as well. Monika Kruse, Ilija Djokovic and Paragon are a dream team that will create a superb experience. Great party for sure.

4. Andergraund is a club where trance has a special treatment. The biggest event is scheduled for 10th November when Reversed Logic performs live, DaPeace, Fidel and Stole.

5. Vinilijada 2018 will be held at Drugstore club, also on 10th November. Vinyl hip hop and r'n'b + urban fun created by modern creators Braca Burazeri = retro, yet perfect clubbing.

6. No Sleep Festival is organized from 15th to 18th November. More than 30 DJs will play music for 4 days in 3 locations. Definitely the biggest musical event in November.

7. Great fun is not waiting for the weekend. Monday is the best day to start new activities. Or the new week of entertainment. Stefan Braun club will organize the "Above" party on the first day of the third week of November. RnB Balkan chosen by DJs XoXo and Enzzy is on the programme.

8. The continuation of the fun is already on Tuesday at Ludost club. The well known name of the Belgrade electronic scene, Malina, has his own "Malinada" party. There is no mistake with the experienced DJ. As well as with the famous club.

9. A set of good parties should never be interrupted. If you already decide to go out on Mondays and Tuesdays, then it makes no sense to make a break. On Wednesdays, people dance to high quality r'n'b rhythm at the Hype club. Lea and Ike are playing music and therefore there is no leisure time.

10. The spectacle for the last Saturday in November is in Hangar club. Boris Brejcha Showcase is on 24th November. Remember the date. You will regret if you miss the incredible event that is popular all over the world.

11. The end of November will be marked by the party at the Gadost club. "Late Night Social Club" starts on 30th November at midnight. Kristijan Sajkovic, Nemax and Novak will launch beat that will send off thirty days of superb entertainment and, at the same time, right on the dance floor, welcome the new month. A start better than ever.