Club events in December 2017

The craziest night is every night in the city clubs

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

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The capital of the best entertainment in Europe organizes an excellent time out during the whole month of December. While the calendar does not reach number 31, we are expecting many good parties, guest appearances of famous DJs and an unrepeatable atmosphere. Clubbers, organize yourself for the night life that follows.

Friday is on Tuesday. The relaxing night out in Belgrade is turning into a party in the blink of an eye. For all those who live by their own rules and do not wait for the weekend, the Ludost club organizes the "Malinada" party every Tuesday until the end of the month. Famous city DJ Malina carefully creates sets with which time flies, and the smile does not come off the face. The best time is when you least expect it.

Wednesday is ideal for retro music. A very modern Hype club has a great programme on Wednesdays. "Mixer night" is a party led by DJ Me High Low. Lovers of r'n'b, pop and house hits from the '80s and' 90s can now let themselves go with their favourite songs and dance all night.

How important Belgrade is on the world clubbing scene is best shown by guest appearances of foreign DJs. Hangar club brings long-awaited guests in the month of joy and celebration. Friday, 8th December is reserved for the famous band from Iceland - Gus Gus. After ten years, famous musicians, producers and filmmakers are returning to Belgrade. You will have to leave summarizing impressions for the working week because the next evening, on 9th December, a mega popular and respected DJ and producer Sasha arrives. Throughout December, numerous clubs will be hosts for well-known names that guarantee fun.

R'n'b and hip hop sound dominate city clubbing. Fans of the world-style entertainment are welcome to the Freestyler Winter Stage every Friday. Residents of the parties are DJs Lea and Ike. The experience has given them a lot of knowledge on how to make a great atmosphere, so the night out is amazing with them.

Sunday is for taking rest. But only until the sun goes down because Mr. Stefan Braun has a recipe for taking away the boredom. Sunday Beat is a party that represents the most famous domestic DJs and producers and promotes young talents. By sending a text message 199 to 3030 you are buying a ticket for this popular party. Real clubbing entertainment.