Clubbing events this month

In October 2018 all roads lead to a club

Thursday 4th of October 2018

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The winter clubbing season has started. It is already clear at the beginning that Belgrade and all of its guests will spend the nights in clubs. For now there are no surprises. All clubbing temples work as well as previous seasons. We are waiting for opening of new places for weekend entertainment. We expect interesting innovations. It is important that the best parties are on the repertoire. There is no bad party in the city like the capital of Serbia. It is only important that you choose music to your taste and go out to have a great fun.

Techno is still at the top. It used to be a long wait for the organization of big techno parties. Fortunately it was a long time ago. The first major event is "Lovefest Fire" scheduled for 12th October at the Hangar club. The music will be played by Pan-Pot, Fabio Florido and Ilija Djokovic. Line up for the whole of October confirms that the local DJs have returned home. Marko Nastic, Aleksandra Duende, Danijel Cehranov, Concrete DJz, Teo Trunk, Tijana T - all there. Just follow the club party calendar so that you do not miss a single performance.

R'n'B rhythm is popular all over the world. In Belgrade at night too. Trendy clubbers are pleased with the number of parties where only this beat is listened to because many clubs have booked at least one day for entertainment in this style. And did you know that in our city there is a club that is the only one in the region exclusively oriented to r'n'b? The Bank is the place that organizes great parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and numerous guests are fans of modern music.

If this is your favourite genre, then October will be your best month. Jason Derulo performs at Stark Arena on 28th October. A singer who merged pop with r'n'b genre, songwriter and dancer has been in the category of the most famous performers in a short period of time. He has twenty million fans on social networks. The Goodbye song is the latest one he released, and in less than two months, it has reached almost 36 million views on YouTube channel. Dancing to world hits such as Colors, Tip Toe, Marry Me, Watcha Say and many others will mark the current month in this part of Europe. For sure.

Nightlife without house music is unthinkable. Commercial electronic music is the main "culprit" for good vibes and a sense of great fun. When you are not in the mood for a techno event, and you listen to everything except folk music and metal, choose a party where fast rhythm is the main driving force. You will enjoy it. If you look around a little, you will realize that everyone is smiling. That is exactly why house exists. To make everyone happy and relieved. The leader of this kind of entertainment is Mr. Stefan Braun. The ninth floor is ready for a party every night. Younger but no less quality clubs in which every night is interesting are Hype and Martinez. So, are you ready for an excellent October clubbing?