Belgrade at night: Hip hop parties bring excellent entertainment

The rhythm that rules clubs

Monday 12th of February 2018

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Hip Hop is currently the most popular musical genre. Clubs in Belgrade follow the world trend number one in a perfect way. R'n'B parties are at many places in the regular programme of events, and there is always a lot of crowds. After a period of rest, the genre, which unrestrictedly expresses a rebellion against the system through powerful rhymes, returned to the epicenter and the rhythm is such that it is impossible to stay calm because it captures every dance floor.

It is certain that the great influence on the development of the situation in the musical world is created by Jay Z and his publishing house. The name that today stands for the greatest magician of "black music" with each single moves existing trends and breaks records on the leading top charts. Fans of a real "gangsta" beat through music do not give up their biggest rapper. 2Pac, or Tupac Amaru Shakur has not been on the planet since 1996, but has left an indelible mark in world music history.

Today's hip-hop often overlaps with house and pop genres. Due to creating a "softer" sound, even those who are not really fans of this music, they regularly visit numerous events. The reason is a great atmosphere and strong positive energy. Also, people can dance well to this rhythm.

The popularity of this genre is best seen through numerous parties. The R'n'B entertainment in the middle of the week is organized at Hype club and has a large audience. A well-known "Sky High Party" is created on Thursday on the ninth floor in Nemanjina Street - Mr Stefan Braun by rapper Gru and his support. When the weekend comes, there is a big dilemma where to go to r'n'b party. Every Friday, at Square club, many fans of hip-hop gather at the party "RnB Balkans" DJ Marchez is in charge of. The only place that chose just this genre is The Bank, and big party every Saturday, "The Bank Robbery", singled out as a favourite one in Beton Hall. Do not think too much about which party to visit. All of them are great.