Lovefest Fire at the Hangar club

World renowned DJs make excellent entertainment

Monday 22nd of January 2018

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The Lovefest Fire party is organized at the Hangar club on 2nd February from 22:00 to 06:00 . The biggest star of the party is Loco Dice and besides him another guest from abroad is coming. DJ Guti will perform in live format. Domestic support are top DJs and producers - Marko Milosavljevic and Nikola Vemic.

Loco Dice has already met the local audience. With the performance at the Lovefest 2017 festival he absolutely won the hearts of true clubbers who remember his performance as one of the best. DJ and producer lives and works in Germany and he originated from Tunisia. The owner of the very successful label "Desolat" is synonym for top-class entertainment anywhere in the world. He started his musical career as a rapper, but quickly decided to turn to DJing. One of the best performers of today makes every club he comes in crowded, he has an incredible relationship with the audience and creates an unforgettable time.

Guti is one of the DJs from the "Desolate" team. Loco Dice discovered this talented guy from Argentina and introduced him to global clubbing. Gabriel Gutierrez is distinguished by Latin temperament and excellent techno. His live sets are a treasure trove of perfectly combined music. Jazz, electronic beat and compulsory Latin rhythm create a specific fusion that makes every dance floor crowded.

Marko Milosavljevic and Nikola Vemic are well-known names from the Belgrade club scene. Each of them makes a great atmosphere at parties lasting all night. Given that their selection of songs will be an overture for great guests, they surely warmed up their mixers well and prepared the top-level overture.