March clubbing

Parties in March will be marked by famous domestic and foreign DJs. Each of them has long been a member of the "best" league

Saturday 2nd of March 2019

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Five weekends in one month. It sounds like a very good period. We do not look back at the previous events at all, but we are looking forward, right at the best time in Belgrade during March. There are 5 top parties in the focus.

The first party is called "Beogradjanka" (Belgrade girl) and it is scheduled for 8th March. Clubbers, this is your night! The Strafta club has prepared a splendid retro party when Belgrade music will have the main role. The most attention will be paid to the 1960s and 70s schlager songs, but excellent DJ Ognjen Krstic will also play selected songs from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. From Djordje Marjanovic through Bebi Dol and Oliver Mandic, Sunshine beat to Bojana Vunturisevic. It sounds impossible to fit in the entire Serbian discography, but not for Ognjen. Fun starts at 22:00.

The third weekend in March begins on Thursday. Not anywhere, it begins at the Ben Akiba club. It will be completely different. The party "I Am Different" is one of the projects that is created by the same name label. DJs Veljko Jovic, Purple Dub, Royal Wolf and Lobor D. will make sure to make 14th March unforgettable.

We recommend you to have some rest on Friday evening and to be prepared for the great event on Saturday, 16th March. The Hangar club will host a spectacle under the well-known name - Lovefest Fire. March issue of the well-known electronic sound brings great names. From 22:00 to 06:00, Dixon, Gerd Janson, Nikola Vemic and Kristijan Molnar are performing. Oh, when are 16th March and amazing beat coming?

There are no breaks from the best time in the last week of March. The most special event will be organized at the Gadost club on 22nd March. You can expect a lot, but the most high quality music as one of the most famous and the best Belgrade DJs will be at the DJ desk. Marko Nastic and French Okain will dictate the rhythm of the city. All night long.

Return to a great clubbing place. The Hangar will say goodbye to March in a never better mood and with top-notch sound. Recondite live is coming to Belgrade on 30th March. The Berlin techno pearl is coming with Vaal, a lady who transforms the dance floor into a unique universe with her music and charisma. Such guests require special domestic support. Marko Milosavljevic and Vitanov are an ideal choice to make the 30th March and Apgrade party from 23:00 to 06:00 unforgettable.