Clubbing on Saturdays

You will find out how powerful entertainment at the third March weekend will be in a little while

Thursday 14th of March 2019

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They are more than world famous DJs. Their music knows no boundaries. Creators of great techno sound, owners of successful labels, great support for young colleagues, obligatory performers at leading festivals. Dixon and Gerd Jansen perform at the "Lovefest Fire" party in Hangar on 16th March from 22:00 to 06:00. Nikola Vemic and Kristijan Molnar are music hosts. They are four reasons why it is worth staying up all night. Pure techno in the top edition should not be missed.

The Andergraund club will host the "Goa Experience" organization. Authentic 16th trance party will be held on 16th March from 23:00 to 06:00. The focus is on well-known style and therefore the party is named "Special Old School edition". A DJ and producer from Brighton, Iain Rive premieres in Belgrade. He is the regular setting of the "Cydonia" project that has existed since 1993. And he has something to show. DJ DaPeace plus Mark Panic b2b Pion will also perform with him. It will be exactly as fans of trance sound expect. Top-notch.

Just when these parties are over, at Ben Akiba, the party is just beginning. "Early afterhours" entertainment will begin at 05:00 and will last until 11:00. The seventh edition will be marked by the label "Aludia Music" because this is actually its showcase. The owner and leading DJ of the label is Zlatnichi who will play music together with guests from Italy and Bulgaria. They are Gianluca Caldarelli and Avgustin. The morning marked by minimal, techno and house genres will be a perfect one because of Nemax and Nemanja Vanovic, hosts of after clubbing.