Club programme of the month

Maybe somewhere with the New Year's Eve entertainment stops. In Belgrade, the party is about to start

Thursday 3rd of January 2019

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Use the first weekend in January to sleep well. Christmas Eve and Christmas are the biggest holidays and in most places there are no parties during this period. A short break and back to the clubs. The top groove, powerful energy and incredible atmosphere are already ready for the Serbian New Year's Eve. In addition to the big reason for clubbing until the morning, there are 3 more parties where the presence is mandatory.

The first big happening is scheduled for 12th January at the Hangar club. The party "2000 Late" created by the DJs Eva and Matija, which is recognized as the top time machine of domestic and foreign music, starts at 22:00. The retro sound will rule your hips until 04:00. Hurry up to listen to your favourite music and take the best place for dancing on the dance floor.

After celebrating the Orthodox (Serbian) New Year on the 13th of January, you still cannot take a break from night activities. It is acceptable to slow the pace but not to completely eliminate club vibes. The right measure of Belgrade entertainment is being organized at Ludost club on 17th January. Oh yes, the famous party "Malinada" starts at 22:00. Thursday is ideal for going out, especially at this address where there is no bad entertainment. DJ Malina will know how to create the right mood.

The end of January brings first-class trance party. Andrei Oliver Brasovean, a DJ and producer Atma arrives in Belgrade, straight to Imago on 26th January. The live performance will last until 10:00. Domestic support are Raver, Anta, Pura and Johan. Five reasons to attend a unique trance spectacle.

Atma is considered to be the pioneer of electronic music in Eastern Europe. He was born in Romania, more precisely Transylvania, where he still lives and works. He stepped into techno music in 1991, but soon he focused on trance. Along his biggest passion, psychedelic and trance music, he successfully creates great songs in other genres. House, dance, pop, rock, hip-hop or music for films - he can do everything. He is into everything and he does not refuse anything because for him, quality music knows no boundaries. He went around the whole of Europe and a big part of the planet. You should be his audience too. You will not regret.