It's time for mulled wine

In the places where you least expect it

Friday 15th of December 2017

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Winter period is the time when we are wearing hats, gloves and everything that keeps us warm. There is no such a scarf that can warm up like good mulled wine. The wine speeds up blood circulation, it acts instantly and most importantly - it returns a smile to the face. You can order it in almost every bar, but experts for this drink are hiding in places where you have not even thought they could be preparing mulled wine. And great one.

Cruise Cocktail Bar

Top-class cocktail masters have magical powers. It is a real challenge for them not to mix the drinks, but to mull. Wine with spices! The true measure of a full flavour of wine and aroma of orange with a pinch of secret spice. Imagine: the quay under the snow and you are sitting along the Sava River and you're getting warm. Winter and all its charms. Positive atmosphere and comfortable ambiance will surely not let you go home after only one drink.


Pub near the Vuk's monument is much more than the place where beer is poured. Just when you get tired of walking down the Boulevard, you can stop by and visit this place. Mulled wine is not immune to the trends that prevail. It is the matter of taste whether you are more impressed by the combination with cinnamon, cloves or you are for pure classics. Various possibilities for perfect warming up. If you do not have obligations early in the morning and you have a great company - you are at the right place. Live rock gigs will further enhance the mood.

Rakia Bar

You expected that there was no wine in sight here. It was a mistake. Brandy (rakija) is the host here, but the one who makes place for everything. Quality ingredients and constant innovations will make the winter of 2018 in Belgrade warmer than ever if you enjoy mulled wine regularly yet moderately. There is a belief that mulled wine is medicine. Listen to the advice and relax in the winter idyll.