A day in Belgrade: the Christmas village at the Temple

A city event for all generations

Monday 1st of January 2018

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The Christmas village at the Temple takes place from 4th to 28th January. St. Sava Temple is the place where the premiere event is held, which is part of the big manifestation "Belgrade Winter 2017/18". On the magnificent plateau, there will be numerous local singers, children's choirs and various artists. A ride in a carriage in the heart of Vracar brings the true festive atmosphere and magic of romance from old times.

The Serbian Orthodox Church and its believers will mark the Christmas Eve, Christmas and slava (St. Patron's Day) in January. The burning of the badnjak (a tree branch or young tree, cut from oak, brought into the house and placed on the fire on the evening of Christmas Eve) and sharing cesnica (the ceremonial round loaf of bread) with fireworks and performances of choirs of spiritual music in the crypt of the Temple will beautify the most joyful holiday in Serbia.

A rich interesting programme is organized for the entire duration of the manifestation. Children will enjoy theater plays and premiere broadcasts of synchronized Russian fairy tales. The singing Christmas tree is a festive decoration of stage featuring music artists: Lena Kovacevic, Jelena Tomasevic, band 357, Neverne bebe and others. The gallery will feature attractive exhibitions. The entire plateau will be crowdes with decorated cottages for sale of souvenirs and sweets.

Under the auspices of the City of Belgrade, a great event is organized by the Municipality of Vracar, St. Sava Temple and the company "Color Media Communications" and "Ninamedia".