Where to go out to on Friday - 16th February 2018

Trance and techno dictate fun

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

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Friday. The 16th February brings great events. Across Europe it is known that Belgrade does not sleep at night. Good habits do not change even on the first day of the upcoming weekend. It is the right time to visit some of the famous parties in the city or check what is happening in the late hours.

The Belgrade Fair is the place where a big party is held. On Friday, 16th February from 23:00 to 06:00, Goasapiens and Psychofusion organize a true trance spectacle. Special guests is Vini Vici, a psytrance DJ duo from Israel. After more than a decade of independent work, Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh have created a joint project. DJs and producers with great experience now dictate trance trends together and foster the old school sound.

Immediately after their creation, they received an invitation for collaboration from the prestigious labels Iboga Records and FM Bookings that are considered to be the largest psytrance publishers and booking agencies. Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Captain Hook and others have been collaborating with them for a long time. For this duo, 2015 was very significant year. In the end of the year, they won first place on the Beatport chart as "No.1 on the PsyTrance Artist". They had another reason for happiness, which is "Best Selling Track of 2015" on the same chart.

The following year, they came out of their music flows and started co-operation with a very important representative of electronic music. Armin Van Buuren, French band Hilight Tribe and Vini Vici won the world with the song "Great Spirit". With this project, they have gained millions of audiences around the world who are not part of trance story.

If you are not a fan of psytrance manifestations, Gadost club has a great party. On Friday, 16th February at 23:45, a party called "Late Night Social Club" starts. This edition will be marked by Brosh Showcase, and music will be selected by Petar Cvetkovic and Milovan Stojanovic. Having fun is guaranteed at this address.

The DOT club organizes entertainment on Friday from 23:00 to 05:00 with excellent local names. Bokee is a DJ that prefers house, tech, progressive and deep genres, and he has won the audience with great live sets. He will share the DJ counter with a guy who has great ambitions and his name is Nikola Mihailovic. He began his career in 2014, founded the musical project "Somewhere In The Neighbourhood", and his performances are the real treasury of quality electronic music.