Parties for the last Saturday this month - 31st March 2018

Excellent March clubbing ends here

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

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At the Plastic club a unique Goa trance marathon is organized on 31st March from 23:00 to 09:00. A party called "10 hour Goa Trance Party" will present a special long-awaited guest. It is a DJ and producer Sandman. The Israeli expert for this type of music has even seven members of domestic support. Mozza, Pinga, Nesbo, Amaryllis, Mir, Loopa and Cypunk are performing. The spectacle that has been awaited for more than a decade.

Mladost Disco Bar has prepared a great party for the last day of March 2018. The DJs Vuk Smiljanic and Fedja Knajdl will only play music that is defined as excellent clubbing one from 23:00 to 05:00. Entertainment at Savamala is always a good choice for night events. Suggestion for Saturday night that lovers of urban clubbing will not resist.

Zappa barka has a completely different event for 31st March (party is postponed to 7th April). Right at 23:00, the party "Je l' si u fazonu?" (Are you in the mood?) organized by the WB community starts. The fourth edition of the same name entertainment brings real spring energy. A desirable dress code is dressing in bright colours, and the organizers have prepared enough fluo colours and sequins for extra beautification. DJ host Nika Dekanj will mix edm, r'n'b and pop music.