Francesco Tristano is opening Kombank Hall

Former Dom Sindikata in a completely new edition. A new name and modern looks, but tradition of great city entertainment continues

Sunday 22nd of April 2018

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Dom Sindikata Hall is becoming Kombank Hall on 27th April. The iconic place on Nikola Pasic Square has gained a new visual identity, modernized and adapted to the latest world standards. The reconstruction of Dom Sindikata started in July 2017, and ten months and 4.5 million Euros later, Belgrade gets a completely new space for different purposes.

The popular place for lovers of films, concerts and fairs has been turned into a multi-functional space with the most modern concert, theater, congress and festival hall, five cinema halls with a total capacity of 1,900 seats, a large hall and VR zone, a café, a children's entertainment and educational center, press center and jazz bar.

The opening ceremony of now Kombank Hall is on 27th April at 20:00, and the honor to open the concert season will belog to Francesco Tristano, a famous pianist of classical and electronic music. Tristano performs with the RTS Symphony Orchestra led by maestro Bojan Sudjic.

Tristano is known as a specialist in Baroque and contemporary music, but he easily entered the techno world and represents one of the most original electronic musicians of his generation. The clubs where he performs are always crowded, and so are the concert halls. By combining epochs and styles, deliberately provoking "collisions", Tristano does not respect the rules. That is why the concert in the new space with the famous RTS Symphonic Orchestra will be an unforgettable event.