Where to go out to on Saturday - 14th April 2018

The end of winter season 2017/2018 is slowly coming closer and the announcements show that the best is saved for last

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

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Mint club is celebrating the end of the season on Saturday, 14th April from 02:00 to 09:00. A party named "Season Closing" will officially mark the end of a real clubbing. Boza Podunavac and Mirko Lazarevic are in charge of music. There is not a single dilemma about this event. The question of where to go out has the answer.

Belgrade's Ultimate Cultural Action is organizing a special party "Noise! ​​Now!" in the building of the former Kluz. Saturday night has magical powers. On this Saturday, famous actors and musicians choose music over DJ counter. The idea is to present an alternative music scene and all its qualities. Sergej Trifunovic, Cane, Gile, Rambo, Vikler, Vasil Hadzimanov and other prominent representatives of excellent music will play from pure rock, through jazz, to funk and blues from 21:00 to 04:00. A very special party.

Another different party is being prepared for the upcoming Saturday. Imago is a place that opens the door only to good entertainment. Progressive & Psychedelic Trance party starts at 23:00, and the Digital Chemistry Association promises an unforgettable night. Special guests come from Israel and they are Ranji and Dapanji. The world's trance stars have great support. The local trio consists of Milosh Reload, Daki and Kuzma.