How to enjoy Belgrade

Five-hundred-meter-long street for world famous and internationally recognized hedonism in the city

Saturday 19th of May 2018

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For some people happiness is a lot of money in the bank account. For others small things are joy in life. Yet others say that shopping is cure for everything. And so on to the infinity. If everyone took a break and held on for a moment, they would realize that happiness, the simple one and necessary every day, in fact is in honest conversations with the known and unknown where the main word is not led by contemporary civilization but by people. There is one street in Belgrade, only five hundred meters long where people come to get their dose of happiness. Its name is Skadarska Street. It is much more famous as Skadarlija.

Instructions for consuming unique hedonism in the Bohemian district are very simple. You just come to the famous address, and those who live and work here will take care of everything else. There are no side effects. It is recommended that you indulge in bohemian lifestyle because, when reality calls, enjoyment is postponed until the next visit to the unique Skadarlija.

No special time is needed for coming here, as thousands of residents of the city and tourists gather here throughout the year. Early in the morning, the older waiters of the most famous restaurants in the city that lived things that can fit into at least two lives, together with their young colleagues, arrange the gardens and clean from the previous night. If you are imperceptible, you can hear who got drunk of wine and who was won over by the sound of the tamburica - local or foreign audience. During the day, the crowd is getting bigger, but not stress. Depending on affinity, for someone happy end in Skadarlija is a portion of favourite dinner, while for others the day begins at midnight.

All that makes Bohemian quarters charms becomes incredibly fascinating since May, when the tourist season "Summer in Skadarlija" officially opens. Culture, entertainment, tradition and art get special treatment. Authentic review of former days and real bohemian habits through verses and songs, dressed in elegant costumes and special hats brings a spectacle that is available only on this Belgrade cobblestone.

During the manifestation, every Friday will be held a cultural-artistic programme within which artists and members of the Association "Skadarlija Society" will walk from the plateau near the Skadarlija's fountain to the house of Djura Jaksic. The verses of artists who spent their lives in Skadarska Street will be recited, and visitors will be able to hear the historical facts and secrets of Bohemian quarter. For rest, there are restaurants Tri sesira, Dva jelena, Velika Skadarlija, Sesir moj and others that have existed for decades in the same place.

The summer in Skadarlija in 2018 includes well-known events. The first on the repertoire is the "Sesirijada" (Hats Festival) - the promenade of the most beautiful hats, then the Miss Skadarlija Pageant, the Festival of flowers and the Most Beautiful Terrace Pageant. Skadarlija fest, Puz biciklijada (Snail bike tour) and Varjacici manifestation will also be realized by September. What will make you feel like at home are Skadarlija's passports, which are given to those whose intention was "only to visit" this place. They usually stay in Skadarlija.