What can clubbers expect in June 2018

The overture to this month was excellent. There are four big parties left for four weekends when everyone will have great fun

Monday 4th of June 2018

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For Belgrade at night in June 2018 there are parties under the open sky and guest appearances of the most popular DJs from abroad. All the fun in Belgrade during summer is on boat-based clubs, however, the biggest parties this month are in quite different places. Get ready for top clubbing.

Black Coffee / 7th June / Barutana

For the second year in a row, Black Coffee will be the host in the Hï Ibiza Club (the former Space Club) on Saturdays. From May to October, he is dictating the rhythm that millions of clubbers adore, and hosting in Belgrade in the middle of the season is nothing but the real exclusive. If Ibiza does not fit into summer plans, Barutana definitely will. He is not a DJ whose music is listened to only once. Black Coffee is a talent that cannot be boring. Domestic support are Kristijan Molnar, IDQ and Coeus.

Ricardo Villalobos / 15th June / Belgrade Fortress

Trench at the Military Museum at Kalemegdan is the perfect location for summer clubbing. The first big party at this address in the 2018 season will be marked by the famous Chilean resident in Germany - Ricardo Villalobos. A DJ, who always surprises with the combination of genres, has been performing around the world since 1988. Marko Nastic and Amir Javasoul from Canada are also performing the same evening. You will miss a lot if you do not show up.

Humanitarian party / 21st June / Ben Akiba

The third weekend in June will begin on Thursday with a special event in Savamala. A charity party with the goal of collecting funds for the treatment of the boy Jovan is a night out that should not be missed. Except for helping a two-year-old hero, you will listen to even seven DJs. From 22:00 to 04:00 the DJ counter will be shared by Jelly For The Babies, Vintage & Morelli, Mark Dee Jack, Una Andrea, Lexy, Filip Fisher, Tatjana and Mandic.

Nano Showcase / 30th June / Belgrade Fair

The last day of June for the first Nano Showcase in Belgrade. The end of the month is reserved for a special trance event in the open. Complete line up include Killerwatts, Avalon, Tristan, Future Frequency, Regan and Vlada Exelog. A party at the atrium of the fair will gather fans of trance genre from all over Serbia and the region, and dancing to the fastest rhythm is guaranteed.