What to do during the World Cup

Laughter and tears. Happiness and sadness. It is not always easy but it is mandatory to watch football spectacle in Russia

Friday 6th of July 2018

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The Serbian national team returned home. For all those who do not think that football is the most important of all the unimportant things in life, everyday life will come back to normal. But ... Things do not go so smoothly. Football is a passion so people cheer, whether for legends, or for teams that arrived in Russia with the label "outsiders" and made a complete turnover. Basically, if you think you are out of the World Cup, you are wrong. If you cannot win, join football fever, it's about time.

Motivational trainer: find out what match is on the repertoire, subtly discover for which team your company cheers, prepare face painting crayons and old makeup in colours of your favourite. Simple matrices of the coats of arms and flags are easily found online. As the company gathers, decorate the watching arena with crepe ribbons, flags and balloons. Make-up can start just as the ideal beer temperature is estimated. It goes fast, and the selfies before the start served at the speed of light raise the atmosphere regardless of the end result.

Official nutritionist: Of course it is easier to buy a bunch of chips, but where is your place? In a little while you will become a very important member of the cheering team. For some, perhaps, the very reason for gathering. Prepare snacks as a fuel of the fan passion. In half an hour you can prepare: cheese sticks, mini pizza, Italian sticks or salty strudel. Homemade tortilla with homemade ajvar or beer is more certain than penalty shootouts. A nutritionist is louder than love for quick bites? OK, most restaurants in Belgrade have the option of delivering food or preparing takeaway. There is no mistake with this free kick.

Psychotherapist: With the hope that your favourite team will win, the risk of defeat is certain. The most passionate ones need consolation. That is why you are there. The lost game is a chance for a comforting embrace, walking or watching birds. The Great War Island offers pedestrian tours in the oasis of the heart of the ecological tourism of the capital. Every Tuesday and Friday, by the end of August, the official guide will bring you closer the nature. The flora and fauna, especially the diverse bird populations, the white-tailed eagle and indigenous plant species will clarify your thoughts so you can wait for the next match with full and clean lungs.