Where to go out to on Friday

Traditionally, top-notch entertainment is in Savamala

Tuesday 24th of July 2018

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We did not even move from the dance floor, and July already announces the end. Last Friday in July should be smartly used. Officially the hottest month in reality was not so hot. But it did bring a very good time. There is not much dilemma about how to mark the end. Let the weekend start at Savamala.

Martinez is a club and a bar. And it has a very popular garden. The place that has won the hearts and hips of numerous clubbers since its opening delights over and over again. Every Friday is a night to remember. There is no need to check line up. Music hosts are always great. In case you have not yet set the time to come to this address, Friday, 27th July is the right moment. The rhythm of the world electronic scene, absolutely irresistible guests and a very good atmosphere wait for you. For a great time, you do not need anything else.

KC Grad is also in Savamala. On Friday, 27th July, from 20:00 to 02:30, a party called "Hlad u gradu" (Shade in the city) will be organized. DJ duo Bikini, composed by Maria Sevic and Jelena Kecic, will play music. Summer vibe with disco, Italo disco, house and a little harder electro cools better than the coldest drink. And it warms up for an unforgettable night in Belgrade. A place that is much more than a good club gathers positive people always in the mood for new socializing. Expect to meet a relaxed world where only great fun is what it counts.