Who knows what Belgrade is cooking

He comes back to Belgrade wherever he goes in the meanwhile

Friday 21st of September 2018

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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. And "Serbia is a great secret - day does not know what night is cooking". But in Belgrade something is being cooked from morning to night. On principle. Out of spite. And because we can do so. Because Belgrade is not Europe. Belgrade is the world. The world is in Belgrade.

They cook around the world sometimes. Sometimes even never. But most often occasionally. They cook and prepare "their own". And when they are preparing a "neighbouring", or "someone else's", that is, imagine "exclusively". For the upper class. Fine dining...

And Belgrade - the city of open doors, embraces everything. Who comes - he comes back. Who leaves, he remembers with a longing and hopes to come back. Because when you are in Belgrade, you do not have to wait with a longing for your return home to taste something of your own. Because Belgrade has even that.

Seafood? Here you are. Italian, Mediterranean cuisine? Of course. Or would you like from South America, through the Pacific Ocean to Japan and Asia? Just tell!

But wait! A day should start with breakfast, right? Maybe somewhere in the middle of the city bustle, or near the river. And who would not like to have some sweets.

And dinner... With music and a glass of good wine. Whoever loves fish should not worry. Or maybe you are a vegetarian? Are you a Serb, the meat and barbecue "addict"?

And Belgrade caterers... They have been around the world. They have seen everything. They have picked the best, removed the bad. Cruet-stand is always ready. The only question is: are you ready for Belgrade?