How to recognize real tavern

Taverns are institutions of great significance for social life. Witnesses gladly remember those that no longer exist. Fortunately, some have survived and create new memories on a daily basis

Friday 12th of July 2019

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Out of all the unimportant things, football is the most important for many people. Fans of this ball game often complain about the "unimportant". The same thing happens with tavern. Who likes it, also loves it. For this kind, it is not the second home. Tavern was, is and will be the epicenter of life.

Taverns are not for quick relaxing. If you are looking for a waiter with a nervous look, you will probably get a lesson about waiting in a form of folk saying before you get your drink. Remember, taverns are for life at a slow pace.

From the first one, from the 16th century, until the last, the tavern rules have not changed much. There is no definition separating the right from false tavern. That is why there are lots of features that will accurately explain where you came.

Taverns are forerunners of restaurants. Similar, yet different. While modern caterers are competing whose facility will be more world-class, tavern owners do not deal with this topic. Tables are not from the magazine but they are big and you can put both your drinks and your things on them. Chairs may creak when moving, but they are comfortable. Very comfortable. Even those you would rather place in a museum because of their looks.

Tablecloths are mandatory but they are not luxurious at all. Simple, white or plaid, with a hole or stain. They are always clean so you cannot object to the lack of perfection.

Do not expect utensils, plates and glasses to be flawlessly shiny. Complete inventory is in the spirit of old times. It is not for the exhibition but serves the purpose. After all, when you get the traditional specialty you have ordered, you will not pay attention at all to the little things.

The music in the tavern becomes important only when the night falls. During the day, light melody can be heard with the buzz of the guests. The real tavern brings musicians every night. They play and sing what the guests want. Old town music (starogradska muzika) has an advantage over any other genre.

Tavern smoke is necessarily present. A mixture of roux, cooked dishes, tobacco smoke and alcohol is felt throughout the entire room. Specific fragrances will tell where you were in no time because they are getting into clothes. Ventilation generally does not exist, but it does not bother anyone. Why should it when incredible moments are lived here.

The atmosphere is crucial. That is why the taverns have survived. In taverns there are people that do not pay attention to the shortcomings. Aware of their own faults, they do not deal with modern norms. Wise stories are told. Times when taverns were places for holding theater performances, political gatherings, opera performances and film screenings are gone. But tavern mentality will always be present. An authentic story is created every day. Cordiality. Hospitality. Wit. Understanding. Enjoying. That is what is appreciated. If you have this in your pocket, there will always be place for you in Belgrade taverns.

End of part two.