City squares

Zones where you can experience the rhythm of the city best

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

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The squares in Belgrade are the most famous meeting places. It is easy to find them, so they are a point of orientation. They make it easier to get around town. They have always attracted the attention of Belgraders and all guests. Belgrade has as many as 16 squares. Each has long been in the same place and each has an interesting story that hides rich history. We present those that are most often visited.

At 19:00, at Knez Mihailo's, OK? Completely unknown. And how many times did you hear and say, "I am waiting for you at the horse"? Meeting by chance, first meetings, eternal separations. Arrival before agreement. Being late. Concerts with a significant reason. The bus and trolley stop. The greatest sights. It is all there. Without doubt, the first place among the city squares takes the Republic Square. There are many generations that lived quite well before the arrival of shopping malls and phones. And they always knew. Seeing "at the horse" meant something more. If you are a guest in the city, the first of all you have to learn is where this square is located. From here you will easily find everything you want.

The oldest in the city is Studentski trg (the Students Square). There used to be a Turkish cemetery here. Since then, the road has not been monotonous at all. However, the modern age does not care too much about history. At least not as much as for practicality. It is surrounded by faculties and students are the most numerous walkers of this part. It is perfect for you to come alone and get your thoughts together, to take a break from the daily crowd and to keep going in a better edition. Since this square is in the center, you can hear a lot of foreign languages. A true cosmopolitan chic mixed with history brings a great feeling. Who has not visited this square for a long time - it is high time.

For some people - favourite. For drivers - hated. With the installation of a musical fountain, the Slavija Square returned to the map of must visit locations. Everything is possible here, but light traffic. There is traffic jam every day. It is calmer at night. Still, there is something appealing in this chaos. If you schedule meetings in the aforementioned squares, change the routine. In the company of the only music fountain in the city, waiting will not be boring. If you get a little bit interested, you will discover that this square, long ago, used to be a place where Belgraders hunted wild ducks. Today it is unimaginable that this used to be outskirts.

The youngest, the smallest and most tucked away is the Nikola Pasic's Square. Built in 1953, it is hidden, yet in the center of everything. Fountain, monument, landscaped environment. Every element of the square is there. During the winter, an open ice skating rink is set up here and the square becomes even more attractive. Why should you visit it? Because it is a few steps away from Knez Mihailova Street and Terazije Street. Because it offers an amazing view of the National Assembly and the beginning of the Boulevard of King Aleksandar. Because it has special energy. And because there is never big crowd here, yet it is never monotonous.