How to always choose the ideal restaurant

Only four rules that will help you to never make a mistake when choosing a restaurant

Friday 11th of January 2019

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You do not need to know the whole city like the palm of your hand to know to which restaurant to go. You do not need any detective skills either. This guide contains everything you need to know. Follow the rules and enjoyment is guaranteed.

Rule number 1

The first question you should ask yourself is why you are going to a restaurant. The reason for going is essential for choosing the ideal place. It is not the same if the occasion is a romantic dinner or a business meeting. In the first case, it is important that the restaurant has an elegant and unobtrusive atmosphere. Everything that fits the evening for two is completely unnecessary when you come to have lunch with a business partner.

A birthday party is an ideal occasion to make a reservation in a restaurant with live music. The same type of facility is excellent for corporate celebrations and various anniversaries.

People go to restaurants most often without a reason. In a short break at work, after a working day, at the weekends when you want to relax in your favourite company. Chill-out are the restaurants where you are always welcome. Neither aesthetic preparations nor reservations are needed. The atmosphere is always casual and positive.

Rule number 2

Where you want to go is the next question. Restaurants in the city center, besides quality food, are obliged to serve a portion of urban energy. Very busy places are attractive for those who do not want to miss anything. Restaurants in Novi Beograd guarantee a world-class style and almost each of them perfectly combines modern trends and traditional hospitality. Those who enjoy nature the most should check the offer of restaurants in Zemun.

Rule number 3

There is a big difference who you go to the restaurant with. It is not wise to make a reservation in a restaurant with live music if there are children among the guests. The little ones can negatively react to noise and your free time then turns into a complete failure. As long as the children are small, stick to the family restaurants.

Older ones or too busy, those under stress will be delighted with restaurants near the river. During the warmer seasons, another good choice is open-air restaurants.

When you want to impress, go to exclusive restaurants without thinking. Absolutely nobody is immune to superb hospitality in Belgrade. If the reason for going to a restaurant is simply hunger, and there are well-known friends, economical restaurants will be the top choice. Affordable prices are not a signal that something is wrong but that a complete business philosophy is adapted to a wider circle of the population.

Rule number 4

Now that you have the answers to the questions why, where and with whom, it is time to focus on food. Serbian cuisine is eaten in traditional restaurants. Do not expect homemade sarma in fine dining restaurants. Neither good sushi in restaurants with Italian cuisine. People who insist on vegetarian nutrition will be hungry in restaurants where meat is the star of the menu.

Do you want a different meal than usual? Great, just be well informed where to try national and international specialties. One thing is a gastronomic adventure. Exhibition without happy end is something else.

When you go to a new restaurant, about which you do not have any information, for the first time, call the restaurant directly and freely ask all the questions you have. If you are a non-smoker, check if there is a non-smoking area. Do not worry about asking for prices, hours, music and everything you want to know. For your money, you have the right to know the truth.