Concerts in the next 7 days

The entire city in the rhythm of great music for dance

Saturday 9th of February 2019

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It seemed that the concerts would go on holiday after January's busy schedule. Fortunately, the forecast was wrong. Singing February aims to make you dance to your favourite musicians every day. There is no genre that is not available. Neither space where there will be no good atmosphere.

On 10th February at 11:00, at Kolarac, people will enjoy the Renaissance Ensemble and the repertoire "Music of the kings". Classical music in the late morning is more than good fun. Apart from quality sound, you will also get a dose of great mood.

Babies, welcome to the Philharmonic! Not only once but three times. Concerts are scheduled for 11th, 12th and 13th February from 11:00 and 12:30. The Belgrade Philharmonic will host really the youngest audience in their house. A very popular event due to the special organization of the space has limited capacity. Babies will walk or crawl throughout the hall. Otherwise, they love classical tunes. Check it out for yourself.

Tom Odell premieres in the Sports Hall "Ranko Zeravica" on 12th February from 20:00 to 23:00. The young British won a number of prizes and audience all over the world very quickly. A sensual voice, British charm and melodies will win you over in the first minutes of live performance.

There are concerts for Saint Tryphon and Valentine's Day this year as well. On the same day, on 14th February, Massimo Savic, Vampiri, Djura i Mornari, Deca iz vode and Neno Belan plus Fiumens play and sing at various locations in Belgrade. They start at about the same time, so you will have to choose only one. We cannot guarantee for wine. That is why the atmosphere at each performance will be absolutely romantic.

Live in full swing. The Rock Musicians Association of Serbia invites to the second "Hith" festival which will be realized from 15th to 17th February at the premises of the association. Nine bands will perform - Vrane Kamene, Muzika poludelih, Bednici, Overdrive, Kamene Kare, Lem Jem, Brat, Veto and She Love Pablo. It will be powerful with so much alternative rock.

Legendary Legende in the Sava Center. A quarter-century long tradition is a symbol of Belgrade music. The spectacle just Ivan and the band members can create is guaranteed. Hurry up to buy tickets, Legende promised only the biggest hits. Sava center, 16th February from 20:00.

We are back to the beginning of the music story. Seven days in Belgrade begins and ends in Kolarac Endowment. In the cycle "Kolarac Podium of Chamber Music" the chamber trio Kontrasti is performing in the Great Hall on 17th February from 11:00. It is known that not everybody can perform at this address. But everyone can attend and ennoble their time with perfect music.