February in Belgrade 2019

The city adventure in the new edition is more than good - it is endlessly fun and high quality

Friday 1st of February 2019

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Let's see. How many of us can never get enough of the events in the city? Surely much more than anyone assumes. Do not wait for the company to get out of the house. With this programme, you do not need anybody else.

The new month in the calendar has only 28 days. Every day, something good, interesting and exciting will happen. Kolarac almost daily changes the programme. Big capacity venues are especially popular this month as some of the most famous local musicians and selected guests from around the world will perform live.

Saint Tryphon is coming soon. On the same day, it is Valentine's Day. Someone will be delighted with wine, and someone will buy hearts and teddy bears. Whatever you celebrate, enjoy on 14th February as never before. The Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia follows right away. It is celebrated on the 15th and 16th of February and those are non working days. A bit of good organization and there are three non-working days in a row for all. Take advantage of this break at the right time because the next celebration will come on 21st April, for Easter.

Among numerous February events, we highlight two extremely popular ones. They are different for their content and location. And they are equally attractive. The first one is for lovers of travelling. The second one is for lovers of the seventh art.

From 21st to 24th February, the 41st International Tourism Fair takes place at the Belgrade Fair. Absolutely the largest event in tourism in this part of Europe will bring together 1,200 exhibitors from the country and abroad. Traditionally great discounts for purchasing tourist arrangements, original presentations of local and global tourist potential plus the 15th "Horeca" Catering Equipment Fair and the 10th "Beowine" Wine Fair. Remove the dust from the suitcase. Packing is about to start.

Film spectacle, the iconic FEST is organized for the 47th time from 22nd February to 3rd March. So far, the International Film Festival has hosted more than four million viewers, and about 4,000 films were screened. This year's festival is entitled "Bez zastite" and will be dedicated to the recently deceased director and screenwriter, Dusan Makavejev. FEST 2019 will be marked by as many as 500 screenings, including 125 premieres. The festival will be realized throughout the city, but most of the programme will be shown in the Sava Center and Kombank Hall.

February is also ideal for elementary and high school students. They are on holiday again. For all of them, Belgrade has prepared endless possibilities for leisure and improvement. In the event calendar find the best option for them but also for yourself.