March in Belgrade 2019

There is everything in the city. Sweet cakes, not so sweet stories, morning frost, finally more sun, some wind, crowds. But there is no such thing as boredom

Friday 1st of March 2019

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The first days of March already sound like a good party. Waiting for 20th March and the official beginning of spring, the Belgrade programme is offering plenty of options. You are already familiar with the biggest events in March. Now we discover a detailed plan and programme.

The eight of March (Women's Day). The holiday when red roses and carnations are given has, fortunately, changed the celebratory edition and, finally, the focus is on the message, not on decoration for the vase waiting for the flower from March to March. Some women think that nothing has changed. The others are changing their own micro universe with their powerful forces because this is the only way to a true change. What nobody should bypass is congratulating this holiday to all women. A woman to another woman. A man to a woman. You know that women are irreplaceable. Therefore, whether or not you agree with the "policies" of the Eighth of March, show respect.

Gastronomic events will not lack this month. Even 4 of them are on the programme, and there will be two wine festivals. The now legendary "Balkan Cheese Festival" is taking place at the Youth Center on 9th and 10th March. Make sure to come very hungry because 300 different cheeses will wait for you at this address.

Due to excellent food you will have to plan double going to the Kombank Hall for quite justified reasons. The first one is called "Cuisines of the World", and on 9th and 10th March, 50 exhibitors from 10 countries will present the best tastes. The other is "Spring taste fest" when 80 exhibitors, mostly renowned Serbian households, will show local gastronomy in the best light. With guests from the region, you will remember 23rd and 24th March for the perfect flavours.

Wine lovers should remember the following information. On 23rd March, the Metropol Palace hotel hosts the prestigious wine festival "Grand Tasting Belgrade 2019". Also, the Crowne Plaza hotel will be the venue of the 11th Wine Style Salon of Wine on 30th March. Do not choose which manifestation to visit. At both of them you can expect a good and rich programme and, of course, amazing wines from Serbia and around the world.

If you are already "planning" how to visit all the festivals of hedonism, do not worry, there is sport so that the consequences of delicious bites and excellent sips cannot be seen. March is the last month when you can hide under the layered clothes. With the first warm days, you will see exactly who was a regular guest on St. Patron's Days and who trained hard. The last train for a slim figure calls for boarding. In March, there is no one, but four rides to health.

The tenth Marathon of Marathons is on 9th and 10th March. The fifth humanitarian race Spring Rolls - Race for a reason is on the programme on 16th March. Three races titled "Serbia Marathon Series" will be held on 30th March. The Belgrade Family Race is on 31st March. If you really hate to run, come to support top sporting events.

Admit that it was worth to wait for better weather. Spring awakening in Belgrade is an unusually good mission you have to take part in.