Three times a party

Welcoming Easter in clubs is not old traditional custom. Well, it is time to become tradition of modern clubbing generation

Thursday 25th of April 2019

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Top hip-hop is coming to the repertoire. The young DJs Enzzy and Jovijah will play the selected trap, r'n'b, house, pop and the most - famous hip-hop songs at Secer club on Saturday 27th April at 23:00. Both Migos and Beyonce. Senidah, Nicki Minaj, Drake will also be listen to. Powerful groove will create amazing atmosphere. A very good party option for Saturday night.

And now - a spectacle. One of the best Serbian DJs and producers ever, Mr. Dejan Milicevic, is performing at the Andergraund club. Techno sensation on Saturday starts at 23:00, and until 05:00, along with Dejan, Peter Portman, Andree, Aleksander Kirsch and Luke will be on the stage.

The magnificent Dejan Milicevic has been active in music since 1995. He has already recorded the first twenty years of his career. He has successfully been in the third decade of residence in domestic and international clubs as well as at prestigious festivals. It is not worth to describe his sets. It is necessary to experience them.

Clubbing and nothing less than first-class electronic music are guaranteed at the Gadost club. On the last Saturday in April, an amazing duo performs at this address. Wise D & Kobe are DJs and producers with whom there is no monotony. Duo has existed since 2002 and has been favourite of the local and regional club scene. They mix the songs that are several decades old and the latest achievements without problem. Always in the tech house style. Forever attractive. The party starts at exactly 01:00 and will last until 07:00.