Everyone to the Avala Tower

If you wonder why, here is the answer. Only here you can enjoy "a million dollar" view

Monday 20th of May 2019

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Working hours for the Avala Tower until 31st October is from 09:00 to 20:00. Every day, two lifts are taking you to the viewpoint located at 122 meters in less than 40 seconds. The tallest building in the entire Balkans, a unique of total height 204.68 meters offers a priceless view of the capital of Serbia, Sumadija, Vojvodina. Finally, the 2019 season for the AvalaTower is open. Welcome to the top of the city.

If it was 11 meters lower, Avala would not be a mountain but a hill. Luckily, it is sufficiently high and deservedly attracts attention, both to Belgrade residents and to the city's guests. Only 1,100 centimeters have done their own so this only Belgrade mountain is an authentic oasis. It has been especially attractive since 2010 when the Avala Tower after the NATO bombing was completely renovated and open to the public.

After viewing the central and peripheral locations from a height of 122 meters, you can go down, also by lift, to a height of 119 meters and have a drink in the bar. If you are delighted with the view, and you will be for sure, at the foot of the tower there is a souvenir shop of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, so you can get a gift for memory. Since recently, the Avala Tower environment has been completely redesigned and now offers rich content for various activities, especially those for children. Be sure to have enough time to walk to The Monument to the Unknown Hero.

According to statistics, the Avala Tower is among the top 5 locations in Belgrade. Do not wait for anything (or anyone) except for bright and sunny day for a great view. Straight to the tower!