Creating new surroundings at the base of the Avala Tower

The tallest symbol of Belgrade gets attractive surroundings by the end of June in 2017

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

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The Avala Tower, the tallest building on Balkan and one of the most important sights in Belgrade, gets attractive surroundings at its base. More than 150.000 tourists visit Serbian "Eiffel Tower" a year. They are mostly from former Yugoslavian countries but in recent years there are more and more visitors from China. Visitors have come to Avala exclusively because of the amazing view of Belgrade and Sumadija and Vojvodina 80 km away from 122 meters height, but from June onwards, visitors will be able to spend whole day in completely new environment, very interesting for its content.

New facilities are fully equipped children`s playground, bar counter and a summer garden for parents, a cafe bar, a souvenir shop and info center of Tourist Organization of Belgrade, an ethno shop - winery where Serbian specialties like rakia, ham, local wines, local handicrafts will be sold, an open gym, football and basketball courts with stands, green areas and other things. The facilities are suitable for all age groups and therefore, visiting Avala will be fun for everyone. Jelena Dimitrijevic Gajevic, an independent consultant for the Avala Tower in JP "Emisiona tehnika i veze" (Public company for broadcast and communication), announces that by the end of June, facilities at the Tower`s base will have been completed. Construction is coming to an end, and positive reviews are expected.

The reconstruction also brings putting into operation an elevator for disabled people and mothers with children in wheelchairs. This elevator will bring visitors to the entrance of the Tower where the ride continues in elevators that arrive in less than 50 seconds to the viewpoint on the Tower. Active visitors can test their limits by taking the stairs up to the viewpoint. It takes 587 steps to get to the top. The famous Race up the Avala Tower takes place on those stairs. Free parking and Internet are provided throughout the whole complex on Avala, and there is another novelty - ATM and exchange point. There are not any newsstands nearby yet, so it is advised to buy all necessary sundries in the city.

Nature that surrounds the Avala Tower is almost untouched. Thick forest surrounding the architectural beauty of Belgrade, the Avala Tower, hides a newly built wooden church, "Avala" hotel, the Monument to the Unknown Hero, Monument to the Soviet War Veterans dedicated to members of the Soviet military delegation, Marshal Biryuzov and General Zhdanov among others, who were killed in an airplane crash, and Technical Museum where memories of the first broadcast in our country are kept. The same beautiful forest is home to many wild animals, and roe deers are the most numerous residents of this green oasis.

The Avala Tower is open every day from 09:00 to 20:00 in the period from 1st May to 30th September, except on those days when the wind blows at the speed of 12 meters per second and visits are prohibited for security reasons. The price of the ticket is from 150 to 500 dinars. Basic ticket costs 300 dinars, VIP ticket for touring the viewpoint and visit to the cafe bar with complementary drink costs 500 dinars, while privileged ticket costing 150 dinars is reserved for pupils, students and retired people with appropriate identification card. There is a special 1 dinar ticket for preschoolers, disabled people, people with special needs and their companions.

Construction of the symbol of Belgrade started in 1961 and was completed four years later. The Avala Tower was destroyed on 29 April 1999 by NATO bombardment. It was reconstructed and re-opened on 21st April 2010. Total height of the Tower is 201,57 meters, the restaurant is at 119 meters, and the viewpoint at 122 meters. Visitors can reach them via two quick elevators that have capacity for up to 11 people and it takes them 49 seconds to get to the top. The Avala Tower was reconstructed also thanks to the efforts of the citizens that participated in fund-raising and donations. Today, it proudly stands and overlooks not only the city, but Sumadija and plains across the rivers Sava and Danube as well. The project designed by Ugljesa Bogunovic and Slobodan Janjic has not been invested in since it was built. Finally, the time has come for an appropriate adaptation. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications has donated more than 50 million dinars and this has been the biggest investment in the Avala Tower until now.