Great events at the weekend

High school students celebrate the end of the school year. For them, the adventure called summer begins. Everyone else, the action plan is here. Go out to town

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

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On Friday 21st June, Filmstreet 2019 starts. The summer Belgrade entertainment will start the new season by showing the movie "Juzni vetar". A film achievement with a powerful message that left no one immune to is shown in Student Park at 20:30. Pack your props for staying under the open sky and sign up for a list of numerous fans of watching movies in nature.

Under the slogan "Belgrade Stories", on Friday, exactly at 18:00, on the Square of Nikola Pasic, the 10th Belgrade Latin Marathon starts. Dance couples of all age groups, members of Latin schools from all over Serbia will dance all day, followed by a big party that will last until midnight. Be sure to walk and get your dose of exotics and fun.

The 10th Belgrade Ethno Fusion Fest is in progress and so will be until 22nd June. The Belgrade Synagogue, more precisely its yard will host musicians and other artists from far away India, Israel, close Austria and, of course, Serbia. Concerts and performances are the core of the programme, and the essence is to merge different cultures, to erase borders between nations and to exchange knowledge. Welcome to an interesting gathering.

The young are the future. The young are the most valuable and the most important part of the population. So come and support the young who perform within the ArtLink 2019 music festival. Saturday, 22nd June from 20:00 is reserved for Portuguese music evening. The Residence of Princess Ljubica is the place where the concert "O Porto Romântico & Viana da Mota" will be held, with the artist from Portugal, Sofia Lourenco. For her arrival in Belgrade, she has packed her talent that will be presented while playing the piano. For a great evening, nothing more is needed.

Read carefully because the craziest end of the week is coming. Ada Ciganlija is the place where the "Red Bull Flugtag Belgrade 2019" event will take place. The second spectacle in a row will start on 23rd June at 15:00. Until 18:00, aircraft originated far from large factories will take turns in the sky. Hand made machinery with no engines and accompanying elements will show that flying, or an attempt of flying, is possible if the imagination, power and wind are combined. Participants, good luck! Audience, enjoy the world-class event.