June in Belgrade 2019

The summer is coming on June 21st. This is the one and only summer 2019. There is no replay. Premiere without competition. It is up to you whether you will be bad like the weather or you will grab the

Saturday 1st of June 2019

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There are not only financial debts. It looks like the spring is paying the autumn karmic debt back. This could be the only explanation why the weather in Belgrade is like this - bad. Instead of getting sun cream and summer shoes, the question "Where is my umbrella" is far more common. The good side is that Belgrade is ready for everything. It is going through the last spring days in its rhythm. For it, bad weather is just an excuse. In this case, the copy/paste system is the best thing you can do. When there is no good weather in the city, make every day be a nice one for unforgettable moments.

Monthly programme of events calls to action. However old you are, whatever you prefer, no matter which part of the city you spend the most time - this will be the month for a straight A. June in the city promises incredible fun. Ready Set Go!

Sport as a way of life because healthy habits do not have an alternative. Belgrade is well aware of the benefits of physical activity and that is why sporting events in June are numerous. The 6th Orange Bike Ride is organized by the "Beograd Velograd" Festival on the eighth of June. Get the healthiest means of transport, dress something orange and straight to Nikola Pasic Square on two wheels, where the ride starts. The next night, between 9th and 10th June, if the weather does not break the plans again, the Airport Belgrade runway will become a running runway. A thousand runners will compete for the first place on a 5,300-meter track. A sports festival in a totally different ambiance.

For many people, sport means football. The European Football Championship 2020 will be played in 12 cities. Until then, qualifications are at the center of attention. Serbia welcomes the national team of Lithuania at the stadium "Rajko Mitic" on 10th June. The Red Star Stadium will be refreshed with new grass because of the continuation of qualifications. Full stands and true fan energy are far more important. Go quickly to get the ticket. The next big sporting event is scheduled for the period from 18th to 23rd June. Serbia Water Polo Federation invites everybody to support the World League final tournament in the open swimming pool "Tasmajdan". If the water polo players win the first place, which is their routine, they will be the first Serbian team that will go to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. This is one reason more to cheer for Serbian Dolphins. Given that sports fever will catch you, think about participating in a great event. Ada Ciganlija will host the second in a row Night of the ultramarathon on 29th June. It starts at 18:00, and ends next morning at 10:00. The Marathon of the Marathons is 50 and 100 kilometers long. Where there is a will, nothing is impossible.

OK, it is time for a break from so many activities. No, no, forget about the image of yourself in the bedroom with "Netflix" content, cold drinks and snacks. Scientists have proven that a real holiday is where brain is activated and the mood is at the top level.

Enthralling all the senses is guaranteed with a multi-creative project called Dev9t. The festival, which has been gathering the entire population since the foundation, this year is called "Alchemy" and will be held in Ciglana from 14th to 22nd June. The period from 21st June to 7th July is reserved for the legendary Belef. Plus, at the end of the month, well-known bands - Whitesnake and Garbage are coming. The new tradition, a picnic under the stars by the Belgrade Philharmonic for the 2019 edition is called "Disney Fantasy". Remember: 23rd June, Park Usce.

The sixth month is especially important for pupils and students. While one prepare for graduation and prom, the others will go to the anniversaries of the same. More precisely, to evoke memories. After a night that is everything but a replay of the entertainment with classmates, there is no such feeling now I am big/now I am grown up. Both men and women look at each other equally, calculate, compare. Put off life equations and inequalities for "tomorrow" just as you used to put off your homework. The period of exams in June is for many students to be or not to be epoch. Whoever passes all the exams, he has all summer 2019 for himself. Well done! Quickly study and slowly enjoy incredible Belgrade.