Weekend news

Ignore the weather forecast. There are events starting in the city that cannot be spoiled by the weather

Wednesday 26th of June 2019

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The 8th Belgrade Festival of European Literature at the Youth Center is on until Friday 28th June. "Best of all. Best for everyone." is the name of a manifestation that combines literature, fine arts and films. Excellent artists from Serbia and special guests from around the world will share their knowledge and attitudes through a great programme. A true multimedia event that will delight your brain completely free of charge.

The Enter Music Festival will be held from 27th to 29th June in Topciderski park. Sonique, Alexandra Stan, Angelina, Sara Jo, DJ Djuka and Risk Jockey perform on the first evening. The following is reserved for rock sound and Blast 77, Cikine Bombone, Terrier, Point Blank, NBG, Void Inn, Iskaz, Mortal Kombat and S.A.R.S. will take turns on stage during the night. The last, third night of the festival is dedicated to fans of r'n'b and hip-hop music. Vuk Mob, Mili, Gazda Paja and other representatives of this genre will do their best to make you remember Enter 2019 for top-class entertainment.

It is time for the new Belgrade night market. On Friday, 28th June from 18:00 to midnight, on the Bajloni market, a happy company will reunite on the stalls. Craftsmen and designers will offer top products of their industry. Prominent manufacturers and distributors of beverages and food with a label "domestic" are regular guests. Plus good music and there you have a straight A event.

There will be no rain for the weekend. Excellent because there is the 2nd Night of Ultramarathon - Marathon of Marathons at Ada Ciganlija on the programme. The 50 and 100-kilometer races start at 18:00. The deadline for reaching the finishing line is ten, that is, sixteen hours, even more precisely until 10:00. The sports challenge is accredited and approved by the relevant world associations. Rules, regulations and refreshments, everything will be at the highest level. It is up to you only to prepare and break your record in running. Good luck!

Did you know that the Danube has its day? It is 29th June. The European Danube Day has been marked since 2004, in all the countries of the Danube Basin. The second largest river in Europe has many important roles. For this reason, but also because it beautifies Belgrade, you should celebrate the Danube Day. It is enough to prevent its pollution, it will be very grateful.