August in Belgrade 2019

It is time to start the last lap of the hot summer ride. Step on the gas because summer will not last forever

Thursday 1st of August 2019

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In calendar terms, there is still a long way to go until the fall. It is just a theory. Practice has shown that everything good flies. Relaxed working mode, more precisely, a real summer in Belgrade lasts only 31 days. As soon as your regular business obligations, school, preparation for winter and winter storage begin, the summer story will be over.

For the diary with memories to have a happy end, guidelines for a carnival mood in the city are needed. Catch the rhythm and go for an amazing adventure. The party is at every step.

In the sea of ​​sea stories, hop on the wave of great music. August in Belgrade equals Beer Fest 2019. Usce Park will be the most visited area under the stars in this part of Europe from 14th to 18th August. More than 120 concerts. Four stages. Countless beers. Expect everything you can think of for the 17th Beer Fest. And more than that.

On the penultimate day of August there will be one but very valuable concert in the same place. It is called Music Night 2019. Spectacular classical music will be performed by the Symphony Orchestra and the RTS Choir and Apokaliptika. The end of the summer with musical sensation will do wonders.

Serbia is a basketball country. The arguments for this thesis are numerous. If your heart is also beating for the success of the national team, come to the friendly match Serbia - Lithuania. Basketball legend and now coach Aleksandar Djordjevic will take out the winning team at Stark Arena on 10th August at 21:00. Part of the budget from ticket sales is for building inclusive playgrounds for children sponsored by UNICEF. Sports and humanitarian evening should not be missed. "Svi u plavom na Litvaniju" is a motto that everyone should adopt.

Active participation in the sport is guaranteed if you come to Ada Ciganlija on 10th and 11th August. The jubilee 10th International Yoga Festival will bring together the best instructors from home and abroad. Classes, presentations, accompanying programmes. All in the style of the ancient skill that regenerates mind and body. Do something for yourself. You deserve to shine.

Take a break from the heat in Belgrade's parks. You can walk, but it is much better to relax in fresh air with a good movie. The Open Air Cinema and Filmstreet events have great repertoires. And they are completely free. Take your dear person and visit the most relaxing kind of city fun.