Books that you will read in one breath

Top 5 books for winter season 2021

Monday 15th of February 2021

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More than ever before, there are reasons why it is smarter to stay at home. Before you get bored, you should sit back and read. You will not regret.

1. The City of Pain - Meti Kamberi

This guy knows very well that life is not easy. Cruelty and heaviness of life have been his definition of everyday life since he was still in his mother's womb. He tore himself away from everything that seemed to be his every day and every night. At the age of 19, he sat and wrote down his destiny. With the help of great people, he wrote down his life. Not at all beautiful. Educative, maybe too much if possible. A raw human story on 246 pages will get you back on track, on the path, the only path you should take. The book "The City of PainThe City of Pain" is bought exclusively online. Without hesitation, the fourth edition is currently on the market.

2. Contraindorfin - Svetislav Basara

These covers won the NIN Award for 2020. The expert part of the audience gave the highest rating. Praiseworthy, no doubt.

3. Neon blues - Dejan Stojiljkovic

A man, who is great with words, great news for fans of quality written lines. Now, he represents a collection of stories that goes from the World War I to the present day. In his own, unique way. He cannot do otherwise.

4. Belgrade through the locks of 100 houses - Nenad Novak Stefanovic

If you have always wanted more information about the magical capital of Serbia, this is the book for you. Where famous Belgraders lived as well as those who moved in and did a lot for the city, at which address the first cabaret was opened, what some of the largest buildings are hiding are just some of the questions whose answers you will find in this edition.

5. Love Your Life - Sophie Kinsella

"I would like to read something, but nothing too serious" is the sentence followed by the purchase of this book. Easy, fun, ideal for reading after a hard day. The author, Sophie, knows very well how to hold attention. If it was not like that, her titles would not be available all over the world. A bright and modern book that will not stand in the home library, but will bring a smile to your face.